Want to take the risk and guesswork out of leadership development?

A 2005 study conducted on 94 large companies (avg. annual income of $17.4 billion) by researcher and author Richard Roi discovered that companies applying the 5 Leadership Challenge® Practices (as measured by the LPI 360), achieved:

  1. An average stock price growth of 204% in 10 years
  2. A net income growth of 841%

Companies ranked as having weak transformational leadership practices achieved:

  1. An average stock price growth of 76%
  2. A net income decrease of 49%

Let's face it, poor leadership is just too expensive to ignore. Even good leadership is too expensive to ignore. Another independent research study showed that extraordinary leaders (top 10%) earned up to 6 times more profit for their business than average or good leaders in the same business (as measured by 360° feedback).

And the irony is that great leadership is SIMPLE... and it CAN BE LEARNT.

If you are like our clients, you want leadership development that delivers real results for your business. You want leadership development that has a direct, positive impact on talent attraction and retention. You want training and coaching that does not waste your leader's precious time and resources. You want something simple, clear, measurable and doable. You want to work with a leadership development company who will challenge you and help you grow, who will live what they teach and who understand what it takes to really transform. You want results.

So how do you measure on the 5 Leadership Challenge® Practices?

We want you to be able to find out easily, risk free and cost free. If you qualify under our criteria you can take the full version of the world's most researched leadership 360° for free this week, and be debriefed by one of our world class leadership coaches - also for free. This is the exact same 360° Richard Roi used in his study above. It's called the LPI 360° (Leadership Practices Inventory) and is backed by 25 years of research and data from over 3 million leaders. Perspectiv administer it in the UK, North America, Australia, Asia, Middle East, and Europe.

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